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The Greensboro Police Officers Association is a non-profit organization (501-C) and we host numerous charitable and outreach programs for the community. In order to fund these programs, we will occasionally conduct fundraising campaigns within the Greensboro area and are licensed to do so through the North Carolina Secretary of State's  office. As police officers, we are aware of the scams and fraudulent fundraising phone calls people receive from people purporting to represent some vague law enforcement group. Should you receive any type of solicitation from a group that you are not familiar with, we encourage you to verify the information you are given before making any donation. Should you ever have a question about a solicitation in the name of the Greensboro Police Officers Association, please contact us directly at (336) 274-9595.

The Greensboro Police Officers Association is not currently conducting any fundraising campaign. Our next campaign is schedule to begin in August of 2020 through the end of the year. This campaign will be to support our biggest program, Shop with a Cop.


Just before Christmas each year, we hold our annual Shop with a Cop program. This is a huge event that allows us to take dozens of area underprivileged children Christmas shopping to provide them with a holiday experience they otherwise would not be able to have. Through public and private donations, we are able to provide each child with a $100 shopping trip where they are paired with a police officer to help them with the shopping. It is very touching to see these children go shopping to purchase things for their family members before they ever think of getting a new toy for themselves. It truly shows the meaning of the holiday season. We encourage all supporters to come and take part in this program. Thanks to the growth and support of this program, we have been able to extend this opportunity to about 100 children annually. If you have any questions, or would like more information about this program, please contact GPOA President Cody St. Pierre through our office.

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