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24 Hour Legal Representation

The GPOA has entered into an agreement with Rossabi Law Partners to provide advice and consultation with GPOA members who have been involved in an officer-involved use of deadly force, a critical incident,  a situation of grave importance, or other serious job-related incident.


Amiel J. Rossabi
Rossabi Law Partners
706 Green Valley Rd
Suite 410
Greensboro, NC 27408

If the need arises to contact the attorney, you MUST contact a member of the Executive Board to advise them of the situation. The Executive Board will make the appropriate contact with the attorney. If you wish to speak with the attorney regarding any other non-emergent situation, you must first contact a member of the Executive Board to obtain permission to consult with the attorney. After gaining approval, the member can contact the law office during normal business hours. Failing to follow this procedure will result in you receiving the bill for the attorney consultation.

Gun Range

Members will receive a free box of ammunition to be utilized at the Department's Open Range Dates.



GPOA provides members with free confidential counselling through Triad Counseling and Clinical Services. Contact a member of the Executive Board to activate this benefit.


Financial Planning

Free financial planning is available through Scott & Stringfellow


Tax Preparation

Decimals Tax Service specializes in law enforcement tax preparation and offers a 10% discount to GPOA members


335 S. Swing Rd.



Insurance Discounts

Agent Stuart Johnson with Liberty Mutual offers discounted insurance rates to GPOA members


Annual Policeman’s Ball

As a member, you are invited each year to the Policeman’s Ball held at the beginning of Police Memorial Week. Invitations are received through your intranet account.


Retirement Planning

Michele Hebbard & Associates, Inc.

1205 W. Bessemer Ave., Suite 110


If you are planning to retire and have been a member in good standing for at least 10 years, the GPOA will pay up to $300.00 with this company ONLY  


(MHA) can assist you with all of the following:

Retirement Eligibility/ Estimate, Calculating Terminal Payouts, Calculating Rollover of Terminal Pay to 401/403/457 Accounts, Explanation of Estimated Date of Retirement and Monthly Pay, Explanation of Benefits, and Completion of Final Paperwork.


Any fees in addition to the covered $300.00 will be the responsibility of the member.

Member Retirement Gift

If you retire from the Greensboro Police Department as a GPOA member in good standing, you will receive a cash gift upon your retirement. Consult your membership handbook for details.


Mortgage, Refinance and Realtor Benefits

Chris Young, a Certified Mortgage Planner, with Benchmark Mortgage offers assistance and advice with purchasing or refinancing a home.  Benchmark Mortgage is a referral-only based company that helps clients make informed choices with their mortgage planning options, debt strategy and overall financial planning based on individual needs.  They are a lending specialist with the Homes for Heroes program, which helps public servants and military save money when buying, selling or refinancing a home. Contact Chris Young and let him know that you are a GPOA member.

Chris Young


341 S. Swing Rd, Greensboro, NC 27409

For your realtor needs contact April McCollum, who works with Benchmark Mortgage and also provides additional money saving discounts and benefits for members

April McCollum




MSP Photography

(336) 899-9639


Providing family portraits, children's portraits, high school senior portraits, weddings, and special event photography in the Greensboro area




              Member Benefits

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